Lanigan Civil provides range of Civil Engineering Solution private and public sector all around Australia. Combining our design skills with the latest Engineering programs we are able to deliver results: ON TIME, EFFICIENTLY and COST EFFECTIVELY.


Preparing Tender documentation, Contract administration and Construction Supervising.

Subdivision Planning - Optimal layout of subdivisions to maximise lot numbers, minimise servicing costs whilst maintaining a marketable development, including provision of preliminary costs estimates to developers..

Road Design - Geometric design of all road types generally encountered, including new subdivisional roads, reconstruction of existing roads, roads within industrial, commercial, quarrying, mining and resource developments.

Pavement Design - structural design of all types of pavements, for both public roadways and commercial industrial areas including flexible (asphalt), interlocking block and rigid (concrete) for uses including pedestrian, carparking, Council, private and haul roads, general industrial, container handling areas, etc.

Stormwater Design - preparation of stormwater designs and computations as required by Authorities, for both siteworks and publicly owned drainage systems, including Council and Melbourne Water main drains.   In addition to the above traditional drainage systems, we also design and document on-site detention systems (OSD's), Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) systems (also termed Water Quality measures), gross pollutant traps (GPT's) etc, which are now common on most projects.  We can also provide designs for  roof guttering and downpipes to suit current trends in roofing, especially for larger commercial and industrial buildings.

Authority Reticulation Sewer and Water Mains- design and documentation and construction supervision of Authority water and sewerage reticulation extensions, mains and branches as required for subdivisional developments and/or redevelopment within inner city areas, to the requirements of the current Water Services of Australia Standards.

Site Grading for Siteworks Projects - design of proposed surface levels within a site, in conjunction with Plant Operator, Architect/Landscape Architect etc, typically to allow for:

  • Existing site grades, site access levels;
  • Balance of earthworks;
  • Disabled access;
  • Vehicle constraints, eg. forklift maximum grades;
  • Grading for efficient site drainage;

All but the smallest projects are designed using computer design software to optimise earthworks, produce long and cross sections, calculate earthworks quantities, produce contour gradings, stormwater pit schedules etc. 

Larger civil projects, airports and subdivisions are delivered as 3d surface models for direct input into GPS controlled earthmoving machinery and as 3d pipe/pit locations for sewer and stormwater projects.  We can also provide 3d files for direct loading into Topcon type machine control systems if required.

Commercial, Industrial, Resource, Municipal, Sporting Projects - design and documentation of siteworks and stormwater drainage, site levels, water harvest, water quality, on-site detention etc for all types of site development projects.

Airport Projects - Geometric and pavement design of airside, runways, taxiways, strips, aprons, apron parking layouts etc, including stormwater drainage design, earthworks and pavement volume calculations for both new and upgrades of existing airports.

Motor Racing Circuits - design and documentation of layouts and all engineering requirements upgrading of existing circuits and new circuits, including feasibility studies, animated drive throughs, speed diagrams, safety barriers, pit layouts to confirm to the requirements of both Motorcycling Australia (MA) and the Confederation of Austalian Motorsport (CAMS).